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Your getting ready to buy an RV, maybe it's your first RV, maybe you family has grown and now you need a larger RV. Now is the time to choose an RV that's right for your family. But how do you what RV is perfect for your family's size and lifestyle. There are two categories of RVs, Towable and Motorized, you can read more about both in the Motorhome vs Trailer article to help you decide which would fit your family better.

The towable RVs that are available are: Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Toy Hauler Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler Fifth Wheel, Pop-up Tent Camper, and Expandable. For Motorhomes there are: Class A, Class C, Class B, Diesel, and Toy Hauler. 

Type of RV can also be determined by how much you plan on using your RV, if you are only going around to nearby camp grounds on the weekend and you don't have a big family, you may only need a Pop-up Tent Camper ,Expandable, or a Class C Motorhome. I would recommend the Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Class A Motorhome more for longer camping trips and larger families, due to the fact that they can hold up better on those long trips, plus there is more room for everyone when you are gone for longer.

Besides the multiple types of RVs there are multiple floor plans available, some floor plans will only be found in certain types of RV.A floor plan is basically how the inside RV is laid out. Some RVs will have a front bedroom, a rear kitchen, or a rear living. There are multiple ways of having a layout. But understanding which floor plan will best suit your family is important. To see what floor plans are available for a Travel Trailer or Fifth Wheel, use the RV Finder at RVingPlanet.com; here you can search by the floor plan that would fit your family. If you are searching by floor plan, some floor plans will exclude certain types of RVs because they do not have that floor plan available, which will make it easier for you to choose. For example with Fifth Wheel RVs you will only find a front bedroom, so if you are looking for a front kitchen then you will only find it in a Travel Trailers.  

Once you figure out what type of RV you want, you then need to find out how much your tow vehicle can tow, to view a list of all the RVs your vehicle can tow, use the Tow Rating Search. After you find out how much your vehicle can tow you can decided on the size of RV you need. The size of the RV will help indicate how many people it can sleep, if you need to sleep many people you might want to look for a larger RV that has a floor plan that includes bunk beds or a whole room for the kids with a double bunk setup. 

If your family lifestyle is more active with toys such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and go carts, maybe a floor plan is not as important as fitting all your toys into your RV. Choosing a Toy Hauler with a large enough garage would be more of a benefit to you. Most Toy Haulers can sleep many people also because of the garage area converting into a sleeping area with fold down beds or queen beds that drop down from the ceiling.


There are many great sites out there to help you find the RV you want, but none better than RVingPlanet.com and RVBuyerGuide.com. At RVingPlanet.com you can use the Free RV Concierge, tell them what you are looking for and they will help you get in contact with the nearest dealer that sells the RV you are looking for.

Also check out the list of New RVs, find the one you like and get in contact with the nearest dealer that sells that RV. Maybe you just want to search for your nearest dealer; you can use the RV Dealer Finder search.

At RVBuyersGuide.com you can search all the RVs your vehicle can tow and then they put you in contact with the nearest dealer that has that RV in stock, or is authorized to sell that product by using the Tow Rating Search. If it's a Used RV you are interested in, you can find all the great deals on Used RVs at UsedRVsForSale.com. All these great sites will help make it easier for you to find and RV that fits your family best.