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So it's your first time buying an RV, but you like many folks out there are not sure how to choose the right RV for you and your family. Below we have gathered some information and tips that should help get your started thinking about what you will need. Listed below are all the factors you should consider before buying an RV. To read the full list of information and tips go to RVing 101 at RVingPlanet.com.



There are multiple types available from either Towable or Motorized. If you are not sure if Towable or Motorized is for you read the Motorhomes vs Trailer article to give you a better idea about the difference for you and your family.  



Making a budget and sticking to it will make it easier for you to narrow down your available options. 


How much or how often do you plan on using your RV?


New or Used?

That is the question, there are some good deals to be had out there with Used RVs, but sometimes you can find really great deal on New RVs from the previous year. If you know you want a Used RV, UsedRVForSale.com is a great website to start searching for a Used RV. If are interested in a New RV, RVingPlanet.com, can help fit you with the RV you're looking for.


Floor Plans

If you know what type of RV you are looking for but you're not sure which floor plan to choose, go to the RV Finder and you can search by the type of floor plan you are looking for.



Depending what type of RV you are looking for will depend on how much storage space you need, and how much storage space you will need, well that depends on how large of a family you have.


Go to RVing 101 at RVingPlanet.com to get a full list of information and tips for first time RV buyers